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Why Choose Us?

A Utah Wealth Management Firm That Strives to Stand Out

At Presidio Wealth Management, we believe in being different. We treat our clients like family and believe they deserve personalized service and strategies that are as unique as they are. Working with us, you benefit from:

Working as Partners

We view ourselves as your partner in your financial life. You desire robust financial planning and, rather than take a backseat with your strategies, you want to take a proactive role with us in managing your wealth. By getting to know you, as well as your family and passions in life, we can better create customized strategies and educate you on your opportunities.

Ongoing Communication

As active and long-term members of our Salt Lake City, Utah community, we enjoy staying in close contact with our clients. In addition to meeting personally with you, we send out a weekly Advisor Analysis. We also host educational events throughout the year, including our Forecast Presentation in January, Halftime Report in July, and our client appreciation holiday event in December.

Our Approach

Our firm’s culture is designed to cultivate creativity and anticipate your needs. Most firms manage assets based upon a certain market index. We believe in managing assets based upon a Families Index. A Families Index Number is the rate of return necessary on your portfolio to achieve your goals and objectives. We believe that knowing your number will not only assist you and your family in your quest to attain your vision of wealth, but it will also help relieve you from the ups and downs of the market.

An Advanced Investment Strategy

Smart investing doesn’t have to be complicated investing. We utilize "Advance and Protect," a global, tactical total return strategy that seeks to secure gains in advancing markets and protect capital in sideways to negative markets. This strategy emphasizes risk management and is driven by a rigorous, repeatable investment process. Rather than rely on a buy and hold strategy, we act on market trends, aiming to advance your portfolio when the markets are up, and protect your portfolio when the markets are down. This type of proactive process is key in a volatile market. While there is no guarantee that an "Advance & Protect" strategy can assure a profit or protect from a loss, we believe our strategy can potentially capture returns in today's market.